Hello, I’m Johnny Daukes and I’ve made all the visuals and music on this site.

At the beginning of lockdown I’d just finished editing the movie Settlers and was due to start another film…but bats and pangolins got together and made something else, so I decided to make things too.

I started with a simple book promo for my friend Mat Osman’s The Ruins, David Quantick saw it and enquired about one for Night Train. He posted it on Twitter and it got 40,000 views in a day. Stories For Socials was up and running.

I began my working life as an editor, progressed into writing and producing music, comedy, film and have recently returned to editing by cutting feature films.

Have a look at my other websites in the links menu for details.

All of this, coupled with a comprehensive knowledge of digital vision and sound software (Pro Tools, Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop) enables me to make engaging and entertaining promo clips for any product or service. It’s just me…all the tunes, the pictures and the graphics, so for this level of experience, it’s uniquely affordable.

Call me to talk about what you need and if you’re not sure…call me anyway, because thinking and then making is what I do.